Pénz tréning

Pénz tréning

A pénzteremtés és a bőség titkai. „Hogy tudatos és jó kapcsolatban legyünk a pénzzel!”
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Teremteni könnyű, vagy nem? Ha nehéznek érzed, az azért lehet, mert igazából, mélyen, nem hiszel benne... sajnos... ez van. :) A teremtésed úgy mű...

I have asked for help many times from Erika through SRT and nowadays with the new SuperConscious Communication™ chart system and she helped many times.

Now the new charts are working much more efficiently. When you ask for spiritual help you need a response that is positive and that brings you forward while identifying the difficulty or obstacle you are facing.

The new charts are just as efficient with the questioning method to identify route causes than the SRT ones. Regarding the solution and your focus they are far more positive and direct you towards the right energy you would like to attract and absorb.

I find them much more helpful than the SRT system, the focus is on you finding the way out of your problem rather than digging further and further in the route causes.

Wish all of you who try this new journey a similar experience I had.

Magdolna - Budapest


Üdvözöllek honlapomon!

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