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How to use the card of today?

Click on the button so you can get the card and its message. Read the message and look at the symbol while breathing easily. The symbol will fill you up and help solving the issue of the chakra and the topic of it. Breath in and out until you feel you are filled up with energy!

Personal chakra card reading and consultation

At a personal card reading you choose 7 cards which shows where and why you are blocked in your life.
Write to use and ask for a personal reading: 

What do you need to know about the cards?

Everything is made of energy in our world, and everything - including your cells and body - is vibrating and moving. The cards (and the symbols and texts on them) represent vibrations (energies) that are in harmony with the vibrations of our body.  The symbols are so vibrant that as they move continuously, they are seen almost in 3D, so they cannot be completely sharp.

The drawings on the cards represent the vibration of the given message recorded in the symbol at the energy level. Together, the symbol, text, and colours have a positive effect on the body’s energy balance (chakras) by opening and purifying the chakras and helping to elevate your vibration to make you feel better on an energetic level as well. As a result, you can be energized, calm and full of confidence. Come back to the site and use it every day!

If you want more information about the chakras or about other self-development programs, please visit website. You can check what else we offer.
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Are you also looking for happiness?

Well, now that you have found this page, you can stop searching. You will find help here: free materials to read, SuperConscious consulting to feel better quickly, classes and workshops to make progress and to create a life you deserve! Have a look around because it will make your life better!

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