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CMC-Conscious Money Creation

CMC-Conscious Money Creation

Money, creating good things, happiness. Everybody wants to have it. You can learn things about money and positive...
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Teremteni könnyű, vagy nem? Ha nehéznek érzed, az azért lehet, mert igazából, mélyen, nem hiszel benne... sajnos... ez van. :) A teremtésed úgy mű...

I have asked for help many times from Erika ...with the new SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ chart system and she helped many times. This system is working much more efficiently than anything I know. When you ask for help you need a response that is positive and that brings you forward while identifying the difficulty or obstacle you are facing. The system is just as efficient with the questioning method to identify root causes than other methods. Regarding the solution and your focus, they are far more positive and direct you towards the right energy you would like to attract and absorb. I find them much more helpful than other methods, the focus is on you finding the way out of your problem rather than digging further and further into the root causes. Wish all of you who try this new journey a similar experience I had.





I hope you will find interesting to see how SuperConscious Self-Coaching the unique, licensed and integrated coaching system works.

With much love,



About Erika Laszlo

Erika is a transformational teacher, a coach and a communicational trainer who encourages people to restructure their thinking and beliefs by giving them the know-how and the inspiration, so they would be able to find the harmony and happiness in their life. She is the creator of SuperConscious Self-Coaching and the co-founder of the international network of SuperConscious World™

She teaches in 3 languages and she has many thousands clients and students from 24 countries and 4 continents. 



Skype: erika.laszlo

Mobile: +36 703656561

SuperConscious World
  • You can find the Members of International SuperConscious community and its transformational classes on SCC.WORLD



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