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How can you have a fearless, positive year? 7 tips to fight fears and boost your energy

I believe you, like everyone else, were looking forward to the end of the pandemic that has been going on for 2 years. Who would have thought it would last this long in the spring of 2020?

But instead of finally being able to enjoy a well-deserved peaceful time, we hadn't even recovered from the shock of so much hardship, pain and grief, and the next one came, the war on our (Hungarian) borders in early 2022 (Ukraine and Russia).

Unfortunately, (or fortunately?) we are used to everything bad, so nowadays it is mostly the dwindling inflation, the economic uncertainty that goes with it, and of course, the fears that go with it, that define the daily lives of so many.

A war in the vicinity would be enough in itself to heighten fears, a perfectly natural human reaction to danger. On top of all this, the economic emergency, the uncertainty about what the future holds, how to survive, make a living, run a business, and pay for everything, do not help the majority to see and look forward to the future with hope and positivity.

Because of this, the energy field has a lot of negative, fearful energy.

But you certainly don't want to choose fear, because then you wouldn't be reading my article.

The fearful world and negative energies constantly present us with the challenge and opportunity to choose: to fall down into the pit of fear (unconsciously) or to consciously choose to soar upwards towards the light and love-based energies.

That's why it's especially important to keep positive thoughts, positive and happy ending stories in your head and not give in to the negative ones at all! It's very important to watch positive, uplifting images, and movies and read positive things instead of negative ones (Negative ones affect your subconscious even if you don't want them to).

Watch positive, nice, romantic, happy-ending movies, and cartoons, and listen to pleasant, classical, happy music! Don't write or talk about negative things! Ignore negative news, fears (and gut-wrenching), complaining about prices, and inflation.

If possible, leave the negative, belittling, complaining groups and instead seek the company of positive people and groups! (Our group is like that. If you're not already a member, join here: Consciously, Happily, Positively - Intuyching® Group

Of course, you may have negative, fearful thoughts in your head, and that's normal, it's part of our human nature. However, if you're reading this article, you probably want to feel better and are constantly looking for (even better) ways to be more positive and joyful than the average person, preferably all the time.

Trust me, you are not alone! We Intuyching® practitioners, members and mentors of the SuperConscious World, get discouraged sometimes too, but we have the huge relief of having Intuyching® in our hands to change our negative energies instantly and the team to support us so we never feel alone.

Coming back to fears: fear is a belief in the wrong direction, which means we create what we fear with fear and negativity. With the same energy, you can create positive thoughts and imagine that everything is, was and will be okay.

What can you do to stop fear from dominating your days and start thinking more positive thoughts?

The best way to transform fear and uncertainty in your mind is to focus not on the things you can't control, but on the things you can.

These (in no particular order of importance) are:

- how you think,

- what you do/do not do,

- what you eat/drink,

- where you go/do not go,

- whom you keep in touch with (or let go because you no longer need each other)

- how you talk.

If you focus on things you can't control - such as the economic situation, inflation, what politicians are doing, or war - you are likely to feel worse and more afraid.

How can you stay out of the fear energies that are pervading our world?

The following 7 tips will strengthen your energy system (chakras), and your positive thinking and keep you away from fear energies.

What is happening now will work in your favour, even if you feel insecure about it right now! Everything that seems scary only seems scary because it threatens your survival. What you see is not reality, it is an illusion! Fear is always in the future, we are not afraid in the present. Believe, and accept that something good is coming for you and for others.

Create the future with excitement and imagine the wonderful surprises it holds for you.

Supportive beliefs, and positive thoughts:

  • I am excited about the results of my creation.
  • Every day holds wonderful surprises for me.
  • I walk with open eyes to notice and receive the gifts of the Universe.

What is happening now is an opportunity for change, for growth, for something new to emerge in your life!

You have done nothing wrong and no one is trying to punish you, you have just been given a new opportunity. You may not like it at first, that it seems you have to change the way you have been doing things (work, thinking, relationships, etc.), but it is all about change, and with change comes something better in your life! (Provided you let it.)

Believe and trust that the Universe has not only given you unlimited air but also abundance. Believe and accept that you are safe and you are here to feel joy every day! Let this be your mantra: Always, I pay for everything, and more and more is left.

Supporting beliefs, and positive thoughts:

  • Always, I pay for everything, and there's always more left over.
  • I see the opportunity in everything that happens.
  • With change comes the best possible in my life.
  • I live and enjoy every minute of my life with joy.

Trust me, you are valuable enough, and just as good (but not better!) than the rest of us.

Believe that you are good, you are valuable, and therefore you are able to create everything in your life. Believe that you always have everything, and believe, even know, that you are in control, in control of your thoughts!

Supportive beliefs, and positive thoughts:

  • I am good enough.
  • I am valuable.
  • I control and create my life.
  • I allow others to do what they want.

Believe that loss can never happen, because what is truly important - love - can never be lost.

Supportive beliefs, and positive thoughts:

  • Love surrounds and embraces you.
  • Everything I love is always with me, even if in the unseen world.
  • I accept and love myself and others.
  • Love flows towards me, in me and from me.
  • The love within me heals and transforms all my losses.

Believe that everyone you meet is good, helpful and will help you if you need it.

Believe and imagine that everything will work out for the best for you and for others. Accept what's going on in your head and transform your thoughts into something that makes you feel good about yourself, other people and the state of the world. Your thoughts, your words, and your feelings together create the world you live in. Pay attention to what you say (even in your head) and change your thoughts, your words and your feelings too. You can always choose gratitude and acceptance.

Supportive beliefs, and positive thoughts:

  • I choose gratitude and acceptance.
  • Everything works out for the best for me and others.
  • I choose to create my life, even if others don't choose to do so.
  • People are good and help me.

Believe that your body always corrects mistakes and you are healthy.

The body is quite an amazingly functioning, fantastic "gadget". Its job throughout your life is to help you with everything, to heal you, to fix the things that don't work. But it is very important that you are not your body, even though you have a body. In your soul, in your energy, there is a body (and it is not the soul that is in your body, because your soul is beyond your body, it is in your aura) that helps you to achieve the things you want to achieve in this life.

As Bruce Lipton teaches (and proves with experiments), the whole Universe is the soul itself, the energy. We are all connected to everything and everyone, the whole Universe, in the energy field. Just as you can't separate the air in the kitchen from the air in the living room, so as souls we are together, one. So believe that you are much more than your body and that it is your thoughts that you can use to create anything, including your physical health!

Supportive beliefs, and positive thoughts:

  • My body helps me to enjoy my life.
  • My body knows how to correct itself.
  • I trust my body and my soul.

Believe that all change is for you, not against you!

Supportive beliefs, and positive thoughts:

  • I look at what is happening wisely, from above and from a step distance.
  • I ask, accept and patiently await the Universe's help.

"Everything always ends well. If it is not yet good, it is not yet over" - Indian proverb

May your 2023 be a year of miracles and may fears, fear-based energies, be far away!

With love,


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