Astonishing Facts About Our Life


I have recently read that if the world’s population were reduced to a village with just 100 people keeping the proportions of all nations unchanged, then this village would comprise:


         57 Asians, 21 Europeans, 15 Americans (including North, Middle and South America) and 8 Africans

         52 women and 48 men

         including only 30 white and 70 non-white people

         70 non-Christians and 30 Christians

         89 heterosexuals, 11 homosexuals

         6 people holding 59% of all wealth, two of which would be from North America (USA)

         80 people living in houses with crumbling walls

         70 completely illiterate people

         50 undernourished (starving) people

         1 would be dying, 1 would be born

         1 person would have a computer

         and 1 would have a college degree.


This is shocking data, warning us to be thankful...yet, when we are in trouble or when something doesn’t turn out the way we want, instead of being grateful for what we have, we have a tendency to add more negative energy to the lack of something we don’t possess (at that time) or to our failure in something.


In every situation like this, we should rather be grateful for being so lucky as compared to the rest of the people on Earth. We should appreciate our wonderful life even if we have difficulties – moreover, we should be even more thankful in those times.


Gratitude represents very high vibrational energy.


Hence, it is really useful to use it and repeat it as a kind of gratitude prayer when you are feeling down because it can lift you up to a high level really quickly and can change your negative vibrations – making you feel much better within a short period of time. Better feelings, high vibrational energy will attract high vibrations to you (love-based feelings and energies).


Repeating the prayer of gratitude below can help you get over any difficult situation and realise that there are greater troubles in the world than what we think it is. Say it repeatedly whenever you feel you want to get to a higher energy level. The gratitude-lift will always help you.




I am grateful for:


- being able to write and read (not belonging to the 2 billion illiterate people of the world);

- having the opportunity to live in peace (not having to escape with my family or young children from battles, wars, bombing, torture and killing);

- having the opportunity to live on this beautiful planet;

- being free to believe in anything and to practice my faith and my convictions (not being persecuted because of the colour of my skin, gender, religion, faith);

- I may go to church if I want to (without getting in danger because 3 billion people (!!) on Earth cannot do it without being threatened)

- belonging to the few rich people representing 25% who have the daily bread, clothes and a place to sleep (75% of the people on Earth don’t have any of those);

- belonging to the most privileged people representing 8% of the Earth’s population who have some saved money in the wallet, piggy-bank and/or in the bank.


Thank you, and I am grateful for having this wonderful life!

With love,


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