Who is talking in your head? Distinguishing between your inner voice (intuition) and ego

One thing is certain: "someone" is always talking in our heads.

It is essential, however, to consciously choose and listen to that "speaker" - the aspect of our consciousness that helps us have a better everyday life, higher self-esteem, better relationships, and better life.


Inside each of our minds, there are three distinct "talking machines." Each of them operates in a different language, tone of voice, and communication style, and vibrates at a unique frequency. It is quite easy to distinguish between them if you are consciously aware of the ongoing mental processes.


The 3 Different Talking Machines: The Intuition, The Inner Narrator And The Ego

The Intuition: Your Inner Advisor, Your Inner Voice (Your SuperConscious Aspect)

Your intuition, often referred to as your inner advisor or super-consciousness, communicates in a nurturing and gentle manner. This voice resonates with the energy of love and is characterized by its non-judgmental tone. It primarily offers advice through insightful questions and alternative perspectives, encouraging personal betterment and understanding.


When your intuition speaks, you may hear reassuring phrases like:


Why shouldn't I go?

It's totally fine if I try it.

This is safe, there's nothing wrong.

Would I be better off parking in the other space?

I can do it.

Why am I so lucky? (Instead of what you hear when the ego speaks: Why am I so unlucky?)

Come on, what could happen?


The Inner Narrator

Your Inner Narrator plays a neutral role in your consciousness. It observes and comments on your current environment and the immediate tasks at hand. This voice is part of your conscious awareness and remains impartial unless influenced by the inner judge, the ego.


You might hear your inner narrator remarking on day-to-day observations like:


"Wow, what a color!"

"We have a traffic jam."

"What a beautiful day it is today!"

"Today is the deadline for project submissions."

"I have to go to the bank."

"Let me not forget to buy sugar."

"I need to pick up the kid from school."


Ego: The Inner Judge

In contrast, your ego, also known as the inner judge, operates on fear-based energies. This aspect of your consciousness is rooted in old programming, including outdated ethics, morals, and limiting beliefs. The ego is critical and judgmental, creating a heavy, oppressive atmosphere in your thoughts. It often focuses on past regrets or future worries, leading to statements such as:


"People/situations are awful."

"Life is hard."

"I can’t do it."

"How miserable I am."

"It’s not fair."

"I made a bad decision; I ruined my life."

"I will lose my partner/job/house/money, etc."


How to Distinguish Between Intuition, Ego, and Inner Voice



To effectively distinguish between your intuition, ego, and inner voice, pay close attention to the tone and content of each voice:


Intuition feels light, joyful, and uplifting, offering guidance that aligns with your highest good.

The ego feels heavy and draining, often filled with criticism and fear.

The Inner Narrator serves as a neutral commentator, focusing solely on the present without emotional bias.


By tuning in consciously to these inner dialogues, you can identify which voice is speaking and choose to engage more deeply with your intuition.


This practice not only enhances self-awareness but also empowers you to live more harmoniously and purposefully. Remember, always strive to switch to the "love channel," approaching life and its challenges with love and non-judgment. :)


With love,


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