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Positive thinking, changing negative thoughts with the DEMERT™ Method

Updated: 7 January 2023


(To transform anger, read this article!)


I have already written several times about positive thoughts and the fact that messages, beliefs, and negative programs that are contrary to our positive creations often run in the subconscious. And since the subconscious works 95% of the day, the conscious works only 5%, so it's no wonder that the subconscious "wins". :)


How could we recognise if there are any - contrary to positive - messages in the subconscious? With the DEMERT Method ™, it is extremely easy! 

By using the following simple exercise, the DEMERT Method™, you can find out if you have resistance to your positive creation (in your subconscious). It will be revealed if there is any, and since it is recognised - and since you eliminate the resistance with the following exercise, you even incorporate and strengthen the positive thought - your positive creation can finally start.


 Erről a Megbocsátás II. -  Megbocsátás a DE varázsszóval cikkben olvashatsz.) 

(The DEMERT Method ™ is also used to transform anger into forgiveness. You can read about this in the article Forgiveness II. - Forgiveness with the DEMERT™ Method.)




If you have the Intuyching® (Super Conscious Self-Coaching™) chart system, you should check the chart to see which limiting belief is blocking you. This can change almost daily, but the more you transform your beliefs, the fewer remains! 




You choose a specific, positive, supportive belief that you want to believe. For example:

  • I always pay my bills easily…
  • I am satisfied with my good life...
  • X. Y. (people) love me…
  • I am healthy, I feel good…


After you have chosen the concrete thing, the positive supporting belief, continue with the first step of the DEMERT Method ™, with "but no because" (which is a shortened version of "but no, I don't believe that, because..."), and with the subsequent thoughts that emerge from you, which generally contain judgments, beliefs, and values. These sentences after "but" act as a resistance in the subconscious and prevent you from believing what you want.


Examples of DEMERT Method sentences:


I always pay my bills quickly, but no (I don't believe it) because ... I didn't make it last month either.
I always pay my bills quickly, but no (I don't believe it) because ... I have debts.
I always pay my bills quickly, but no (I don't believe it) because ... I have a lot of credit. etc.


I'm satisfied with my good life, but no (I don't believe it)  because ... it's not like that.
I am satisfied with my good life, but no (I don't believe it) because ... I hate it.
I'm happy that my good life put me in this situation, but no (I don't believe it) because ... crap.


X. Y. (people) love me, but no (I don't believe it)  because ... they don't love me.
X. Y. (people) love me, but no (I don't believe it) because ... I don't deserve it.
X. Y. (people) love me, but no (I don't believe it)  because ... I'm bad. etc.


I'm healthy, I feel good, but no (I don't believe it) because ... it hurts ...
I am healthy, I feel good, but no (I don't believe it)  because ... I am sick.
I'm healthy, I feel good, but no (I don't believe it)  because ... I'm always sick.


You write the sentences until you can think of anything. (Of course, write what comes to your mind after "but not because"; the above are just examples.) It happens that you have to write through pages during demerting (yes, we even use it as a verb in our Intuyching® system!), but one day you will definitely run out! The paper "can handle" everything :), the point is not to censor yourself! Write down anything that prevents your positive thought and creation from finally becoming valid.


The part after "but" of the DEMERT Method ™ is all the resistance and limiting beliefs in you that do not allow positive, supportive beliefs and thoughts to prevail.


It happens that during the DEMERT exercise the part after "but" is repeated; either the same thing comes after every sentence, or several sentences later, the same thing comes up again, as it did a few sentences before. This is completely normal, it is about the fact that you have placed the same resistance, belief, and fixed negative thought in so many "places, levels".


After you are done, and you can no longer write anything after "but", i.e. the positive supporting belief remains, tear up (possibly - in a safe way - burn) the paper so that the mind can also "see" :) that all your resistance has completely disappeared, and only the positive can prevail.




Write down a positive supporting belief and follow it up with "because." An example of the above:



I always pay my bills quickly because ... eventually something always happens to fix it.
I always pay my bills quickly because ... I save some money to do so.
I always pay my bills quickly because ... I'm lucky.




The third step of the DEMERT Method ™ is one of the most important when you want to write a supporting belief into your subconscious.

After you have finished writing and confirmed the positive supporting belief, then say the positive belief to yourself in the mirror. Just as the negative thought and beliefs were learned through repetition in the subconscious as a child they can be rewritten into supportive positive beliefs with the mirror exercise in the same way. Do it a minimum of 10 times a day for a whole month. You can be sure that only positive, supportive faith prevails when you have only good feelings saying the sentence in the mirror!


However, it is important to know that what you think consciously is often not in line with what is in the subconscious. Therefore, it can help a lot if we use the Intuyching® (Super Conscious Self-Coaching ™) chart system to find the specific negative thought or belief so that by transforming it, the supporting beliefs can finally work in you. Those of us who use the Intuyching® charts use this system on a daily basis.


And finally, the main lesson about positive thinking: you would not have a negative belief if you did not judge your situation and yourself negatively.


Choose acceptance instead of judgment, so supportive thoughts and beliefs will be integrated into your subconscious mind, which will help your life, instead of limiting beliefs and thoughts that cause negative, bad feelings.


With love,


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