Soul contracts - The two basic types, energy and three basic purposes of (karmic) soul contracts

In the following article you will know about soul contracts and get answers to the following questions:

1. What are soul contracts?

2. Why do we make soul contracts?

3. What is the purpose of soul contracts?

4. What are the different types of soul contracts?

5. What can you do if you have a karmic soul contract?

6. Questions about soul contracts


What are soul contracts?


We need to differentiate two major types of soul contracts.


1. 'THE LIFE PURPOSE' SOUL CONTRACT (Soul Contract of Life Purpose)

One kind of soul contract - what I call a life purpose soul contract so that it can be easily distinguished from the other - is the one you make with yourself about what you want to achieve in life, what your purpose is in being born.

A life purpose soul contract can be analysed by any astrological, kabbalah, a numerological calculation based on your birth date and your name. These can tell you what your life purpose soul contract is with yourself, what tasks you want to accomplish, and what your strengths are that will help you overcome your weaknesses, therefore achieve your goals.

A life purpose soul contract is basically a promise to yourself (it can easily be a vow to yourself) that you will do these things, just as in life you make promises and vows to yourself to do many things (unfortunately often unconsciously, which is why we don't remember the wows).

Those soul contracts that act as vows in life - in an unconscious manner - can become self-punishing mechanisms if we don't fulfil them. When we turn the vows into positive love-based energies is also fulfilment. (If you want to transform your wows, book an Intuyching session to do this.)

The life purpose soul contract is - erroneously - referred to as karma. However, karma does not contain the whole life purpose soul contract, but the other way round, the life purpose soul contract contains karmas, i.e. those results you see in your life that are the result of previous choices and decisions. (Dharma can be translated as 'choice or decision', while karma can be translated as 'result or consequence' in Sanskrit.)

A previous choice (dharma) can come from a previous life (including previous lives of family ancestors), the result of which (the karma) you experience in your life because you have made it a part of your soul contract to resolve it once and for all.

Many people are afraid to change their life purpose soul contract - 'karma' - because they believe that it cannot and should not be changed because someone has imposed it on them, it has to be fulfilled, otherwise they will be in trouble.

This is a huge misunderstanding! Free will always work, in this aspect too.


If you realize that you don't want to do something here on earth, or you want to change something in your soul contract of life purpose, you can do it. You can always change what task you do or don't do. Every change is made by a choice (dharma), meaning the consequence (karma) will be different.

On the other side - after death - no one will judge you for what you did or did not do, whether you fulfilled your Life purpose soul contract (karma). It is also a mistake to think that "the bad people" will receive their punishment. There is no punishment, it is a concept that exists only in our human minds and society.

You can think of a life purpose soul contract as when an actor signs on for a certain role in a play. When he has finished playing his part, he gets off the stage and goes home. 'Home' means the other side, where we go when we have finished our life on earth. And just as we do not punish actors for the roles they play in a play - for example, we do not throw an actor who plays a murderer in prison after the play - so there is no judgment on the other side when we return after "playing" our own life purpose soul contract.

Now of course you may think that the bad guys should be punished, and that's not fair! Well, justice and injustice are also judgements, there is no such thing on the other side.

But there is instead a review of life, a review of the life purpose you have set for yourself in your soul contract. During the review you will be your own judge, you will feel, know and see everything and understand what you have done to yourself and how you have affected others with your life, and your reactions. You will be able to see and feel all the good, the bad and the very ugly things you have done.

That is why I only recommend to everyone (in all Intuyching® sessions as well) to do to others what they would like to do to themselves, otherwise, they will probably not feel good after they die. While there is no hell, this life review can be like hell for those who have mistreated others while they were alive.

Since there is no negativity, fear-based feelings and energies on the other side, it is easy for the soul to choose a (difficult) life (a life contract, i.e. a multitude of karmas). This life purpose soul contract will be based on a life of hurting others, full of negativity. However, this is not for punishment, but for experience, i.e. to experience what it is like to be hurt. This can create a karmic loop (relationship) soul contract, which you can read about below.



The other type of soul contract is the contract between two (or more) souls, which is very similar to the contracts we make in life. It sets out how and for how long we will work together, and what the specific purpose of our cooperation is, i.e. what we want to achieve (with each other). Our soul contracts with others are part of our life purpose soul contracts with ourselves, as they will help us to achieve our goals.

Relationship soul contracts can be differentiated by their overall purpose and by their two basic energies.

Why do we make soul contracts?

We enter into a soul contract because we want to heal an old wound, to learn, experience, or close a karmic loop with someone (see karmic soul contract), for which we need the help of another soul (or several souls).

What might be the purpose of a soul contract?

The purpose of any soul contract is self-development and progress. It is important to know that you cannot fail in this, as you will develop anyway. It may not be as much progress as you originally imagined, but no one on the other side will hurt you for it, because there is no judgement on the other side.

Based on the purpose of soul contracts, we can distinguish 3 types of general soul contracts:

a. Completion of a karmic loop (karmic soul contract)

b. Learning soul contract

c. Healing soul contract

And, of course, several or all three of these can be involved in a soul contract at the same time.

a. Completion of a karmic loop (karmic soul contract)

Usually, a karmic soul contract is understood to be a negative soul contract, but a loving relationship can be just as much karmic as a negative relationship. We just feel differently about them and the purpose of each is different. (See below for more on the two types of relationship soul contracts based on positive or negative energies.)

You make a soul contract to end a karmic loop because you want to end a negative pattern that keeps repeating like a merry-go-round.

For example, if you killed someone in one life, they kill you in another life, then you kill them again in the next, and so on. (Or an ancestor killed the person, and you want to end the karmic loop that is repeating in the family.) Or someone left you pregnant with 3 kids, after which you have a very hard life, then you leave them (in this life they stay with the kids) so they can experience what it's like.

If you want to get out of the karmic loop, you make a soul contract - usually with the soul with whom the problem has recurred - to end the karmically repetitive pattern. In this case, for example, neither of you chooses to leave but to evolve together and solve problems in the relationship.

It could also be (and energetically it makes absolutely no difference in terms of the effect) that your ancestor did something that you take over from them, and so you repeat the pattern. What's more, it could be that the negative situation in your ancestors' lives was created by the soul contract they made, but they haven't managed to solve it yet, so now you are having the problem in this life.

A soul contract can not only apply to one life (and specific individuals), but to many lives and it can also apply to any family member or even a country. A soul contract lasts until the purpose of the soul contract is fulfilled, so it can operate unconsciously over many lifetimes if it is not fulfilled.

b. Soul contract 'learning' (Soul contract made to learn something)

As a contract of study in a university, this soul contract is about learning something. You can make a contract to learn very different things. You can make a soul contract to learn, for example, forgiveness, humility, creation, positive thinking, communication, non-judgment, self-expression, acceptance, self-esteem, but also adapting to change.

These learning tasks can appear in both loving (positive, uplifting) soul contracts and negative, draining soul contracts.

So there are many ways to learn, and soul contracts can be based both on negative and positive energy. We can choose how we want to learn, and we can even rewrite the way we learn (positive or negative ways) and the soul contract in the present. Nothing is set in stone!

Whether learning happens - and thus the soul contract is fulfilled - depends on the level of awareness (consciousness).

c. Soul contract made to heal - Soul contract 'healing'

A soul contract that is made to heal is about healing an emotional or physical hurt - committed against you or by you against others. In a soul contract 'healing', you can agree to heal someone else, or someone heals you. You may live your healing in some helping profession, helping others. 

Soul contract 'healing' can be about taking on and caring for a sick child, but it can also be about becoming a medical doctor and dedicating your life to healing others.

A soul contract 'healing' can happen because you once hurt the soul (or souls) you are now healing and conversely, you are being healed by those who once hurt you.

A soul contract 'healing' could also happen because you (or your ancestor) were hurt because you were a healer, a medium, a pot smoker, or even a witch who was persecuted or burned. You can recognise this in yourself because you probably have a problem with your self-worth, you find it difficult to go out in public with what you know (be it any kind of healing) because you are still afraid of being bullied and hurt. So in this lifetime, you have taken up the life task in a soul contract to help others again, as you did in the past, in order to heal your old wounds.

There are many ways to heal and be healed, both in soul contracts based on negative and positive energies and also with your own illnesses. We can choose how we want to heal and experience healing (we heal or we are healed), and we can rewrite the way we do it and the soul contract in the present. As it is essential, I repeat: nothing is set in stone!

Whether or not the healing happens, and thus the soul contract is fulfilled, depends on the level of awareness (consciousness).

What kind of soul contracts exist based on their energies?

Soul contracts can also be distinguished by their basic energies, i.e. whether the souls have love-based energies towards each other or whether fear-based feelings dominate between them.

There are two types of soul contracts with different energies:

1. Soul contracts based on love-based feelings and energies

2. Soul contracts based on fear-based feelings and energies

1. Soul contracts based on love-based feelings

The purpose of love-based soul contracts is to help, to experience love in the relationship and to raise each other's level of awareness, and consciousness.

The parties in a love-based soul contract like and love each other. They have mutual respect and appreciation for each other. They help each other, listen to each other, and want each other to always be well in the relationship and in life. They do what they can for each other.

Love-based soul contracts help each party to live and develop more love, acceptance and respect for each other (and themselves). A loving soul contract can appear in friendships, parent-child and in romantic relationships as well as in work relationships.

2. Soul contracts based on fear-based feelings

The fear-based soul contracts, as you might guess from the energies and feelings, are negative and drain your energy, instead of recharging you. They also look love-based at first, which is why it is hard to see what the soul contract was originally made for (e.g. a romantic relationship with a narcissist).

However, if it didn't disguise itself as a love-based soul contract at the beginning of the relationship, you would never go into it, so it's usually only later that you find out that there are serious problems and challenges in the relationship you need to work on. (For example, setting boundaries - with good communication -, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-respect, standing up for yourself, making choices, etc.)

Fear-based soul contracts are filled with negative energy and emotions. For example anger, guilt, hatred, hate, hostility, emotional and physical abuse, putting you down, criticising, humiliating, destroying the other. However, it is always worth remembering that these energies are not "bad" either. You choose them so that you can develop and resolve these energies as well. Fear-based soul contracts can feel very difficult, as these energies can cause unpleasant, even tragic (or perceived as such) situations in your life.


The characteristic of a fear-based soul contract (and relationship) is usually that it causes problems and concerns in the long term. You feel bad about it until you resolve the situation and the feelings within yourself.

This can be the case, for example, with a divorce, where problems and arguments persist even after it has happened. A long, energy-sapping legal battle. A job that ends up with you being fired, puts you in a very difficult position financially and you are angry with the person, the company and the situation you are in. A relationship in which you are cheated played, and in which your belongings (your child, company, idea, product, money, property, etc.) are taken away from you.

There can also be a fear-based soul contract to learn forgiveness. In this case, one of the two parties will take on to hurt you badly (e.g., cheating, betrayal, exclusion, deception, sexual abuse, another serious hurt) to make you angry, and then you will be there with the task of forgiving them.

There is a soul contract made to learning self-esteem, for example, when you are born into a family where you are constantly criticized, nothing you do is good, and you are considered a bad child by your parents. And there are also soul contracts, in which one has to learn to process grief, for example, for the loss of a parent, sibling, child (fetus), our friend, who was lost prematurely.

Not only people, but countries can also have soul contracts with each other

The country's soul contract is made up of the energies and experiences of its people, and their relationship with the past, present and future. These determine how people relate to the other country with which they are in a soul contract.

The countries at war with each other are trying to heal energetic tensions between them, give them a task to learn, an opportunity to grow and end karmic loops (karmic soul contract). Sometimes this is successful and countries that were once at war never go to war again because they have learned their lesson.

There are countries that take long centuries to learn their lesson. Therefore, they find themselves in very similar situations (unpleasant, causing poverty, helplessness and negative energies to the great masses) again and again. However, the soul is eternal, so no one is rushing anyone to accomplish anything quickly, as everyone has time and is exactly where they are.

Questions about soul contracts

What should I do if I have a negative, karmic soul contract?

It's worth asking yourself the following questions and getting clear with yourself whether the relationship you are in is helping you or not.

- How comfortable am I in this relationship/work?

- How much do I feel valued, loved, and respected?

- How accepted are my opinions? Do they listen to me?

- Am I accepted for who I am (or am I constantly criticised)?

- Does this relationship make me feel empowered, or does it bring me down, tired, depressed?

Alternatively, you might want to go for an Intuyching® transformation, where the energies that connect two (or more) souls and the soul contract are transformed into positive energies, thus making the soul contract complete and thus dissolved.

Is there a 'mixed' soul contract?

You are probably thinking that there are bad times in the relationship, negativity, hatred, arguments and dissatisfaction. Yes, this exists, but it doesn't necessarily mean that there are two kinds of soul contracts present, it just means that these energies are also worth addressing in the relationship.

A relationship usually has both energies (fear and love) and sometimes fear-based issues arise in the relationship. This can be mistakenly understood that there are two soul contracts at work in the relationship. It can also be thought that then the relationship is over because it is no longer helping to progress. But the task here (also) is probably to solve the temporary problem and continue to live happily in the relationship.

If we fight, is it a fear-based soul contract?

No, not necessarily. It's about how you feel about the relationship. See What should I do if I have a negative, karmic soul contract?

Is it possible to change a soul contract?

If you read the article carefully, you will have seen that I have highlighted in several places that nothing is set in stone, your free will is there to be used. It is also about your free will to change soul contracts, especially those that are negative and unpleasant. The Intuyching® chart system can be very helpful, showing you whether you have such a soul contract with someone, and how to change it.

I highly recommend that you book an Intuyching® transformation to change your negative, fear-based soul connections, as it will make your life much easier.

To book your session email me: erika.laszlo-at-laszloerika.hu

With love,


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