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♥︎ How can you decide if Intuyching® is for you?

How does Intuyching® compare to other courses?


Intuyching® will activate your natural skills on a higher level and magnify your superconscious power. The chart system guides you through a transformation session faster and easier than any other modality or coaching.

It's a unique live training environment where being in a small laser-focused group and a mentorship relationship with the instructor, you can get a year's worth of coaching growth in five days. 


Will I be personally mentored?

Yes! The class size is kept small because we want everyone to have plenty of access to answering questions and personal coaching. Raise your hands every time you have a problem - you will be answered. You will be able to discover your true strengths and new opportunities for growth.


What if I have not learned as a coach? Can I attend Intuyching®?

Intuyching® training is very different from usual coaching and no background is required to attend an Intuyching® class. If you are a beginner, you will be able to learn this intuitive coaching system without any problem because many others have already learned it with ease.

About 30% are total beginners who have never taken a (coach) training but want to change their lives and help others. About 30% are coaches or therapists. About 20% are diverse professionals who work regularly with people and want to develop their knowledge and want a structured system to help and transform issues for the people they work with. About 20% are not planning to become a professional coach or mentor at all but are instead people seeking a tool for life improvement.


Can I come for personal reasons only? 

Yes. Many people come only to learn something new, become more skilful, resourceful, and influential in their own lives. Those who come for professional reasons have personal breakthroughs often that change their lives.


What if I'm learning something else right now? Will it interfere?

On average 20% of our students are graduates or students in training of some kind. Intuyching® is a way to accelerate your progress through that other course. Getting Intuyching® charts and the methodology with transforming any obstacles enables our students to complete their other training (exams) more easily and quickly.


Is this similar I got from other coaching training?

No. We have some foundational coaching and NLP principles which you may recognise (perhaps 5% of the content), but you have never seen this system and the methodology with its unique written exercises (like the DEMERT Method™) before.

This system is an entirely new approach and cannot be compared to other coaching pieces of training or methods because we use a chart set, our superconscious aspect and transform energies. Our method is based on quantum physics. It is an integrated coaching system that includes Western and Eastern knowledge and wisdom.


How do I get coaching clients for Intuyching®?

First of all, you must become an SCCW/Intuyching® Mentor and have the License Agreement signed (and maintained) if you want to work with clients.

(The MENTOR PROFESSIONAL Package - ‘MPP’ offers the immediate title of an SCCW Mentor after finishing all the training. You also get unlimited email mentoring for one year from Erika as part of your MPP so she can help you in this new career.)

If you're not used to getting paid for your consultations and coaching (or have some difficulties in your relationship with money), you will learn and be able to eliminate the blocks with Intuyching®.

The reason many consultants, coaches and helpers do not get the clients they deserve is that they are emotionally conflicted about helping others and making money with it. You will be able to transform those conflicts with Intuyching®, so you feel comfortable and happy about getting clients and making money while doing the work you always desired.


I do not know anything about marketing. Is it also covered in the course?

Since marketing is asking money for your services it is interconnected with belief systems and self-esteem issues, you will be able to work on it with the Intuyching® system. Plus, as part of your MENTOR PROFESSIONAL Package, you will get the KEY to Creative Work practical guide. In this 140 pages book, we cover the most critical issues you need to be comfortable with clients and for making money with Intuyching® mentoring. 


How long does the certification take?

The only requirement for immediate certification with the title of SCCW Mentor is attendance at the 5-day training with the MPP (and registering on the website). You get the SCCW Mentor title on the site after finishing the class.


What if I choose the JUNIOR Basic package - JBP?

Well done, you got your ticket to a lighter life with more freedom and abundance! If you choose the JBP, you will become an SCCW Junior after the class and you can start immediately using the system to make your life better! You can gain more awareness about your life and help your family and friends around you.

Not everyone wants to become a Mentor, some people come to the training for personal reasons because they want to have higher self-confidence, be more influential in their own lives and they want a simple yet potent system that changes lives forever.

And of course, you can always decide to further develop yourself and start your mentoring practice.


Why would I learn Intuyching®?

You get Erika Laszlo's proprietary chart system and method and personalised training and feedback from her. You will learn intensively in a live environment and a powerful mentoring community. You get hours of focused practice, and you will receive Intuyching® mentoring as well.

It is very likely that you will have empowering personal breakthroughs, big “AHA” moments. And you'll get a transformative experience that will prove to you that you're a born mentor ready to help the world.


Done For You: 2 Key Strategies To Use The Charts & The Financial Ceiling

You will become an expert at the methodology of Intuyching® and the charts. You will learn them, see how to use them, practise them for yourself and others, get feedback, and have your questions answered for each chart or item. This will give you a level of expertise with this unique system.

When you have these 2 key strategies, you will be able to help any person/client in any situation. The transformation of the Financial Ceiling in the family also works as a 2 session mentoring series that you can offer your clients right away. (Requirement is to choose the MENTOR PROFESSIONAL Package.)


How can I be sure this training is right for me?

Just listen to your intuition and gut feelings. If the above and the class information do not resonate with you it is not for you.


Why do you teach Intuyching®​​​​​​​?

Because this is the way, we can make an impact in the world and in the lives of other people. Nothing makes us happier with the Intuyching® Instructor team than instructing our mentors and students and watching their confidence double (triple!) in their intuition, have their AHA moments with using the charts and transform within five days. It is fun and full of joy, and we love what we do! Come and join our community if you want to experience the same and change the world to a better place with us!

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