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SuperConscious Self-Coaching created by Erika László is a love-based self-development and self-help coaching system of the 21st century.

See the SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ website for more information:  SCC.WORLD


This system is like an interactive book...

which reveals all the secrets, and you can immediately transform everything that prevented you from living a better life. SSC uses a system of colourful charts along with a biofeedback mechanism – feedback, a reflex of the body – (pendulum, an eye, a finger) to identify things (offense, resentment, anger, limiting thoughts, beliefs) that prevent you from living a better life.

The latest scientific achievements prove that...

everything we experience in life is the consequence of our ingrained thinking. It is much more important what kind of thoughts we have in mind about something than we have ever thought. Our attitude to life, others, work, learning, health, money, sexuality, etc. is fundamentally determined by what we think or believe – even subconsciously – regarding that specific topic. These limitations originating far back in the past or often in the family have an impact on how we live our lives.

SSC helps us identify and recognise these limitations,...

and immediately transforms the limiting energies into supportive, positive thoughts, beliefs, love-based feelings.

Is it difficult for you to believe that this is all true? No wonder! :)

Fortunately, you don’t have to believe it since now it is a scientifically proven FACT that time is not linear as we experience it. In the energy field (quantum field) – comprising each one of us –, everything happens simultaneously.

One way to imagine it is that it’s like dreaming. In one moment, you are here, and in the other one, you are there...and everything is at the same time. Similarly, in the quantum field, the change happens in a single moment, just like when you are dreaming.


Time is only sensed at the physical level, therefore, to see the changes at the physical level requires time (just like it takes 9 months for a baby to develop after conception). Nevertheless, the time you need to see the change may be relatively very short, especially compared to the time you have been carrying that specific problem.

The time required for a person to change is absolutely individual. Some people need little, others need more time and multiple help and support in the meantime to change.

To achieve real and durable changes – just like in all types of coaching processes or physical training – generally, you would need several sessions to permanently transform your “mental muscles”, bad habits and patterns and to ingrain new ones, but the good news is that after just a single session you will already experience great changes!

For more information about this and the SuperConscious World™, visit the SuperConscious Community website where you will also find the list of mentors and instructors who belong to the international network.

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