What happens in an Intuyching™ consultation session?

Intuyching™, SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ helps you build self-confidence, dissolve stress, achieve happiness, harmonise chakras and interpret dreams.


How is an Intuyching session conducted?


  • First, we define the change you want to make, set the goals you want to achieve, determine what real happiness means to you and what block you think you have that stops you from feeling good in your life. 
  • We ask questions and use the Intuyching™ charts to get answers.
  • We discuss, identify and transform limiting and fear-based energies and programmes that arise (why is it happening, at what level does it cause problems and what aspects should be considered) in order to make also a conscious change, especially when it comes to beliefs and ingrained habits.
  • Regarding ingrained thoughts, negative, fear-based feelings (e.g., shame, compulsion to conform, anxiety, low self-esteem, money-related negative thoughts) – if for any reason it is important to bring it to the conscious level – we will look at what happened far back in the past or in the family tree and what impact it has on you in the present. 
  • To reinforce positive thinking, you will receive new, positive, supportive thoughts to replace the old, ingrained thoughts.
  • During the one-hour session, your consciousness level will start to change, it will be reprogrammed, your mental state, neural network, DNA will be transformed with cell supportive beliefs, energies, thoughts and new patterns (habits), and your whole body and energy system will be restarted and refreshed.
  • You will be given simple exercises to make the transformation durable (transformation of thought patterns, a method of questioning, numeropathy, DEMERT Method™).
  • Everything we do with the Intuyching™ system is scientifically supported and has been proven to function well.
  • Since the old programmes were replaced with new, positive ones, these will start great changes in your life.

To find out even more about Intuyching™ (SuperConscious Self-Coaching™), visit the SuperConscious World™ community website at SCC.WORLD

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