About me

About me

Are you curious about me? I am surely curious about You! Come to a session so that we can get to know each other!

Some sentences about me:

I have been learning throughout for my whole life from everybody every day.

I know and apply:

  • The western phsychology (Carl Rogers' humanistic phsychology)
  • The communicational method of Thomas Gordon
  • Eric Berne's transactional analysis
  • Coaching
  • Eastern spiritual, meditational and visualizational techniques and the TONG LEN (Tibetan technique about empathy and clearvoyance)
  • Constellation Family Therapy of Bert Hellinger

My thinking are based on vedic phylosophy and zen. (Zen very simply put is about non-judging and being in the present moment.)


SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Thank you for your patience.


About Erika Laszlo

Erika is a transformational teacher, a coach and a communicational trainer who encourages people to restructure their thinking and beliefs by giving them the know-how and the inspiration, so they would be able to find the harmony and happiness in their life. She is the creator of SuperConscious Self-Coaching™ and co-founder of the international network of SuperConscious World™.

She teaches worldwide in three languages and has many thousands clients and students from 24 countries and 4 continents. 


Email: erika.laszlo-at-laszloerika.hu

Skype: erika.laszlo

Mobile: +36 703656561

SuperConscious World
  • You can find the Members of International SuperConscious community and its transformational classes on SCC.WORLD



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