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There are so many problems in the world: unrest, terrorism, wars, health problemsdaily issues, starving, lack of money, financial problems, difficulties in relationships, conflicts between family members, friends, childbearing and raising children, company affairs, unsuccess, lack of self-confidence, self-punishment mechanisms and all kinds of addictions – it feels bad enough to list them, let alone to live with these problems.


Who has the time for happiness, especially positive thinking among so many problems? Leave me alone with this... Do you think the same way?



  1. Are you starved for a better life (relationship, love, money, car, house, child, maybe more clients, etc.), for happiness?
  2. Is your life, your company stagnant? Do you feel you are stuck?
  3. Rushing in the morning, fighting with the kids,  problems at work?
  4. Do you feel you have no control over your days and you can’t find a purpose in your life?
  5. Your child became a teenager, and you don't know how to handle him/her?
  6. Do you hate your job, your boss, your colleague, your mother in law, your sister in law?
  7. Is there a bad atmosphere at work?
  8. Are you just about to get divorced?
  9. Can you find no way out of debt?
  10. Are you afraid of the future, being old, being sick, being alone?
  11. You read a lot about positive thinking, you are determined to practice and learn, and still, you experience no change?


I suppose you could go on with the list... :)


How do YOU handle these problems? Are you nervous? Are you tense? Are you gaining weight? Are you losing weight? Do you sleep poorly? Do you get sick? Are you unsatisfied? Do you have fights? Do you cry a lot? Do you feel uncomfortable because others have made it, why is it so hard for you?


Do you blame yourself or others for the problems? Have you basically given up things since no matter what you do, you fail anyway? Or are you just waiting…


Have you ever thought how good it would be to have a nice, colourful MANUAL to such situations, the same way as you have one to your washing machine, which you could open and find out immediately what causes the troubles, what you should change to feel instantly better and happier?  


Well...if you are just a little bit like my clients and students from 25 countries of the world, then you must have been longing for such a manual for a long time. 


I wish we had been given this when we were born because then we would have known from the very beginning what to do to live a happy life every day.


You can hear so much about the power of positive thinking and the achievement of happiness, but no one has provided a specific tool so far. As an internationally active personality development trainer, I spent several decades studying and doing research and used my practical experience to develop a solution for this concept, which now works worldwide, and nobody has ever been disappointed with it!




If you are in good health, you will instantly feel better, whereas, if you are depressed and you are in a bad mood or stressed-out or unsuccessful, then you will get sick easier.


Obviously, you want to be healthy! But how can you be healthy when you are under the constant "attack" of so many things? Where is something at last that can show you what to do in a specific situation so that you can put down frustration, anger and resentment? How can happiness be better approached with positive thinking?


Where is a tool for this?


Well, Intuyching™ (SuperConscious Self-Coaching™) integrates everything you need to live a happy life. You will finally gain an understanding of the power of positive thinking, which is a scientifically proven fact that you can use for your own benefit.





Intuyching®(Superconscious Self-Coaching™) is the first, love-based, self-help, easy-to-access intuitive, energetic self-coaching chart-based system, the Life Manual which provides you happiness by attuning you to positive thinking and raising you to a higher level of consciousness.


Using the system can help anybody gain an understanding of their existential situation, and hence, create changes in their life almost instantly.


The use of the system enables anybody to become a conscious creator and create happiness in their own lives and also help others with positive thinking and awareness by setting a good example.



  • is in harmony with the challenges of the 21st century and is based on scientific achievements;
  • is completely love-based and does not reinforce fear in any way;
  • is extremely comprehensive integrating western coaching and the elements of eastern wisdom;
  • is unique( trademarked), comprising special charts;
  • is focused on the present and the solution, positive thinking and happiness, instead of dealing with just the burdens of the past;
  • gives you the opportunity to ask any question and receive answers regarding your life, yourself and your situation, and you can also transform the limiting energies immediately;
  • is focused on the transformation of limiting thoughts, beliefs and fear-based feelings and energies instead of negativity;
  • also transforms the blocks of your energy household (chakras, meridians - their existence is scientifically proven);
  • is like personal coaching with your inner part;
  • is simple and easy to learn;
  • is easy to understand without any incomprehensible expressions;
  • replaces limiting innervations and beliefs with positive thinking and new, supportive thoughts;
  • helps you become even more goal-oriented regarding your affairs, find out the real causes and achieve personal happiness;
  • can be used to help others (family, friends) so that they can deal with their issues better;
  • uses the achievements of technology: the charts are available as an iPad application!


The system comprises almost 100 charts; to read more about the history and the SuperConscious Community, visit SCCW Community.


Using Intuyching® (SuperConscious Self-Coaching™) and the information gained from the charts, you will find out what is – in fact –going on in your life. It drives you to accept responsibility, to change and it reinforces positive thinking. Your words, thoughts, emotional attitudes have creative power, so it does make a difference whether you create positive experiences that bring happiness or negative, unpleasant ones.


One of the IC principles is that everything is made of energy and energy can be transformed. Fear-based, life-threatening, blocking feelings will be transformed into love-based energies.


Information received out of fear can only create more fear for you. This will keep you in fear and stress. It is supportive, love-based information that helps you understand things and activate your resources, as well as stimulates positive thinking and a change in attitude to create happiness. This system is focused on the present time because what is blocking you now exists now and not in the past. It is aimed at what is going on in the present, discovers blocks, directs you to positive thinking and finds the solution.


Intuyching® reinforces unity. Everything and everybody is connected to each other energetically, whether you are aware of it or not. It is scientifically proven that everybody is part of a large energy field.


Therefore, the transformation of energies will not only affect you but also those involved. You don't have to ask for permission to send love to others. It's like you are serving the change on a silver platter to the participants of your life, and they have the choice to use this opportunity.


Information received from the charts raises your level of awareness providing continuous self-development. Transformation doesn’t need any information or time because everything happens simultaneously in the energy field (quantum field). All you need for the change to happen is your focused intention.


Since we work in the quantum time where everything happens and exists at the same time when we change something in the present, that will have an impact on the past and also on what we linearly perceive as and call the future.


Everything that causes you trouble can be found in the present, can be resolved and transformed. Your past and your future, too; this is why there is no need for a detailed and time-consuming analysis of the past. Because the more energy you spend on focusing on something (e.g., the past), the more you create of it.


Intuyching® applies several signalling methods via the body’s biofeedback mechanism. For instance eyes, fingers, a pendulum – you can learn to use all of them in the course. Everybody is able to use the method easily on the first day already.




  • You will find out what blocks prevent you from creating good things in your life and  how to get rid of these blocks;
  • you will learn how to use positive thinking to change the limiting beliefs permanently;
  • you will be able to recognise, control and change your relationship with money consciously, which may not bring you happiness alone, but it will definitely contribute to it;
  • you will find out how to change the blocks of your chakra and meridian system to enter the mental state of happiness;
  • you will learn how to control and change environmental impacts;
  • and a whole lot more!


It will wake up your awareness regarding the general problems of life including

  • relationship issues,
  • lack of happiness,
  • depressed, sad, hopeless emotional conditions,
  • lack of positive thinking
  • financial affairs, work,

environmental impacts, etc.


By waking up your awareness, it will also impact your further creations – it will develop your creative ability built on positive thinking and your ability to focus on happiness – in other words, you will be able to consciously create whatever you want.


The method is focused on energies, feelings, programmes within your cells (stored in DNA and genes) and the transformation of them (it is scientifically proven that changes in thinking will change the genes and the entire DNA!), therefore, it will have an indirect, overall impact on your health i.e., the condition of your whole body, well-being, happiness.


When the energy block – the stress that inhibits positive thinking and perspective – is eliminated, then the symptom it has been triggered will also disappear. The fact that you feel better will enhance your body’s self-healing processes which could not properly function because of the blocks.


This is the basis of positive thinking and awareness, physical and emotional health and well-being! You know a healthy mind in a healthy body. Or in other words: your body will be healthier in a calm mental state and stress-free conditions.




What a limiting thought and what a block to stop changes! Maybe this is what you have experienced so far, and unless you want to change it, this programme is not for you. (You should work on your limiting beliefs first.)


The study groups, however, are different from what you have been used to. What you get here is a supportive environment, nice, loving people and acceptance. Each and every programme and workshop is a miracle with super cool, wonderful people! Wouldn’t it be great to spend 5 lovely, cheerful days full of fun in this environment, among people with similar thinking?


Join this supportive community in an international network where you can feel free to tell your deeply hidden thoughts. Where you will find support and love instead of disparage and the usual negative thinking.


But seriously, wouldn’t it be so much better if it was so much better? :))


Using this self-development method based on the latest research achievements, YOU CAN ALSO easily transform all limiting thoughts, ingrained limitations, anger, resentment, old wounds, and inevitable patterns carried from your childhood or family, to live a better life.


Intuyching® (SuperConscious Self-Coaching™) can be easily learned by everybody; you will also be able to use it freely to achieve fantastic results. Without any preliminary practice, everybody will be able to use the charts as soon as the first day, they are so clear and easy to use that you will be doing fine, too!


You will be able to simply and easily identify what is going on within you and you will become your own emotional and spiritual coach, moreover, you will be able to help others (family and friends) in positive thinking if you would like to contribute to the happiness of your environment.

Do you think this is just humbug? 


Have you tried everything and nothing seemed to work? It cannot be so simple, can it? Yes, it can! Nevertheless, you don’t have to believe me – I am biased, and I can only speak in superlatives about it :) – on the other hand, you can read the opinion of those who have already learned the system:

to read the experience collected so far click here for the opinion of students, and here for the opinion of clients.



- 5-day intensive class  (beginner, advanced and professional level) - with lots of knowledge

- Intuyching® chart system in iPad application (1-year licence fee is included - the iPad is not)

- Intuyching® Manual to the charts in the application

- SuperConscious Chakra Cards™ - 52-cards in iPad application (1-year licence fee is included - the iPad is not)




Are you a consultant, coach, trainer, kinesiologist, psychologist, a medical doctor? Do you give lectures about positive thinking or do you get your clients prepared for happiness? This method has been successfully applied by colleagues abroad, and I’m sure there is a need for it in your environment, too.


If you want to provide something new to your clients and to alleviate your job, accelerate the changes or if you are about to make a career change and you want to get a new qualification...




By learning Intuyching® (SuperConscious Self-Coaching™), you can easily start a new carrier, you can become a mentor of the system and a member of the ever-increasing network of SuperConscious World®. 


Membership benefits and learning path

Our members get lots of benefits and discounts on our programmes. You can start a new carrier with us and can self-develop yourself further.

With Intuyching® (SuperConscious Self-Coaching™), you can expand your tools, knowledge, and you will be provided with a great tool that will allow you not only to help others in a miraculous, intuitive way but also to raise your intuition and positive thinking to an even higher level to proceed towards happiness.



As the products of SuperConscious World® such as Intuyching® (SuperConscious Self-Coaching™) are trademarked, you can only provide public (paid) coaching service if you join SuperConscious World® and Szuperc Limited company by signing a license agreement and pay the annual licence fee.

Click for more details to achieve happiness with positive thinking!


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