Male-Female Language

The differences between male and female communication and behaviour prevent you from experiencing happiness in your relationships.

Do you find it difficult to make yourself understood by the opposite gender?

Did your talk turn into a fight again?

Would you like to help your partner, but he/she doesn’t talk about his/her issues?


Understanding the difference between male and female communication and behaviour makes you realise that we speak two different languages, therefore, no wonder that often, we don’t understand each other. By knowing these differences, it will be much easier to understand the opposite gender and speak “their” language, leading to a much more harmonic and much happier relationship.

DURATION: 1 day (from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., including a one-hour lunch break)


Watch a brief, humorous presentation by Mark Gungor on the differences in the male and female brain:



I’m sure you also experienced it many times (if not, you are very lucky! :) ) how difficult it is to talk to the opposite gender or to come to an agreement with them in a challenging situation. IT IS NOT EASY to understand each other in any issues, whether it be personal life, relationship problems or problems at work.


Unfortunately, most of our discussions are like "discussion of the deaf": everybody tells their side of the story, but nobody listens to the other person. This is destructive not only to your self-confidence but also to the relationship, independently of the type of the relationship.


This is at least as annoying at work as it is at home.


It involves so much trouble, so much fight in the future if you don’t understand the opposite gender! Unhappy, failing relationships and devastated romance, breaking up, divorce, sadness and at the end, children growing up in broken families. What a future!


Wouldn’t it be better to know why your partner does things that bother you so much and why he/she says things that you don’t understand? 


Wouldn’t it be better to be sure that you have done everything to make your relationship better?


And now, imagine that you take this course to find out about the differences between male and female behaviour and communication, the pure understanding of which can be a great help in improving your relationships a lot and avoiding the common mistakes.


You can have a good impact on your relationship, you may be able to have a good discussion to settle issues you haven’t been able to solve for years, and your self-confidence may also improve. Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to know and use things about the opposite gender that lead you to a happier relationship and eventually to happiness?


This is your perfect chance to add something to your life that you can use to improve all your male-female relationships.


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