Students say - Conscious Money Creation (CMC)

Dear Erika,

Thank you for being there, that I could participate. The practices made me work and think. Even a week later I’m still working with them continually as I enjoy their creative power. :))))))) It was good to work for myself with training techniques in a group.

The money impersonating practice and the vision was a divine experience. It still resonates in me...

In this one week I had three new ideas for making money creatively, just by simply tuning in to individual and collective needs. In one week we have taken action steps in both planning and implementing. Thank you.:)

How does abundance show up? In the most varied ways: I reviewed (analysed?) the paintings of an Indian painter acquaintance (internationally recognized painter...) I told him about how the pictures affect me and what I feel about them. Yesterday he wrote to me that he is going to publish a book including my articles. It is an honour. My idea: I’d like to use his pictures accompanied by positive affirmations printed on cards. This is one of the three new ideas.

Thank you Erika:))

I wish you success in your work!

Mona Németh One Brain Kinesiology Instructor

Trainer, coach

Family and relationship therapist


Dear Erika

I am grateful for these two days, thank you! I felt very good about the way you gently managed the group, everybody had a say, how everybody realized where are they blocked, I had a fantastic experience and understanding. I try to live my life consciously and keep my issues in the flow in a similar way. However, I’ve discovered missing bits that were thankfully, put into their places. The group was very good, we worked with very good energies, and last but not least the love and harmony vibrating from you was worth everything. Thanking you gratefully :-) :-) :-)


Andrea Repkó

Kinesiologist, Master cosmetician


Once again thanking you gratefully for the two days. It was mind blowing how many insights I got. My favourite was the Thinking steps but I liked very much the game with tokens and the money impersonating practice. I wouldn’t mind doing it all over again! The group was very good and the fun we had! I am sorry that I couldn’t hug everybody at the end but I’m going to do it in my mind :)

Kisses and hugs

Ági Máté Beckné

Intuyching™ intuytor/executive mentor

Dear Erika! 

Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the training. The way I’d put it is that you are the “Grande Dame” of being in the Now. Since what I’ve learnt was what I need to do in the Now to create better being. I always receive some inspiration from your Being. Special thanks to Timi who was a participant at the training too to give me a keyword that kick-started the positive change in me.

Márti Patik

Soul mentor

It was super. Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the training; that I was able to get closer to Money. We did some very interesting practices during the two days that were very practical, which made it easy for me to use them in my own life. I had many “AHA!” moments.

The “Darling” is continuously flowing to me. A little interesting story about it is that it doesn’t always come directly to me. A sum has been sent to my Grandmother’s bank account who can now give us more money for our wedding then she could have before. I am grateful to Money and my Grandmother for money flowing to me through her too.

Million kisses:

Klaudia Slisz

I am grateful that you taught it and that I could be part of the Money Training. I can easily say that it was one of the most formative trainings of my life (and I participated in some). Actually, it helped me very very much not only in finances but in setting GOALS, recognizing beliefs and bringing down my limitations 

Special thanks for making it into 2 days. The first day I thought I knew what are you talking about when we worked with beliefs, but you made me realize only on the second day how many beliefs, solidified thoughts I had in my mind that were limiting me. And I didn’t even realize that these are BELIEFS!!!!!!!!!  It was an experience with shocking power. I really thank you for stepping up and telling me to stop and notice what I am really saying and thinking!

Thanks to the use of goal setting exercise books I knew from previous experience that I have creative power. My finances did well but I didn’t dare to dream big. Now I dare to dream big and really pay attention to what walls I was building that I couldn’t step through.

Since then I review my thoughts and I hear an alarm signal when I think those sentences starting “I can’t”, and I ask “cant’ I really? :-) Or I just don’t want...” I never thought about myself as an entrepreneur (I could be one)... now I’ve managed to step over that...

My favourite game was when one of us was money and the other was ourselves. Since then I can feel how well I can love money, how good friends have we become and how good our life together is. The Stargate practice was very formative too....

I have started the practices (Gratitude journal, love journal, daily affirmations, income-expenses, etc.). 

I absolutely want to come to you for more training, either to the SuperConsciousness or the Communication. I am sincerely grateful to YOU with all my heart and thank you from the bottom of my heart.!!!!!!! (And believe me that is what I really think)

Thank you for being! You are a ROLEMODEL of how can you express yourself, how you can set goals and achieve them!!!!!

Greetings and kisses:

Gabriella Teleki

Bank manager

I am very grateful for the training in the weekend, I felt fantastic. I had many AHA! experiences and it was wonderful to recharge my batteries.

I am very grateful for getting to know you and for you being here for us.

With love:

Melinda Páder Kötélné

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for the teaching, love, attention and opportunity that I’ve received in the last two weeks (Money training and SCC) It is exemplary what you represent but mostly You yourself. Literally, you are a Miracle and miracles happen through you. I am grateful to you and to everyone who are your partners and supporters in this for the logically structured curriculum and techniques that are tailor-made for use in our everyday lives. Special thanks to the other participants of the training for being there that created super energies and made it a whole. I am going to do everything in my power to create an easier, happier, and more abundant and belief-system free everyday life for myself, my family, friends and my clients.

Thank you, thank you thank you

Judit Lancz

I liked the training vey much as all of your trainings before that I was lucky to participate in. I felt really good during the two days and it recharged me both spiritually and mentally. True to its name the focus of our discussions and topics was naturally money, however, I think that we learnt about many other things. I’d like to highlight especially the process of creation and its steps and recognizing, identifying and changing our limiting beliefs as the first step. This can be related to money, but it can be used to anything else. Jolly Joker! :))

Truthfully, I’m basically satisfied with our financial situation so my motivation was not a burning need for change to participate at the training but my curiosity to see how you tackle this issue and the certain knowledge that I’m going to hear and experience something that will help, make me think and bring more development and improvement in our life. 

I especially enjoyed the time travel game. That and similar practices are very good at illustrating a given topic for me.

I can only recommend this training from every point of view as it is easy to understand, well founded and the guarantee for credibility is that you represent very well how excellently this works! :))

Bernadett Talics

Strategic buyer

I can give only positive feedback about the training. All our meetings are very thought-provoking for me. As I looked up the Gödöllő (University) lecture on the Internet it didn’t seem unfamiliar what we talked about and we have talked about many things in our personal meetings as well. This time however the “parts’ have found their place and this is very good, for I could feel how they’ve become ours.

One cannot tell about the training to someone who wasn’t there but I‘ve made my extremely rational, nearly harmfully grounded husband to do one or two practices, drawings, questionnaires. I felt strongly that it made him think about what came up for him as a result.

By the way it is a big achievement that he spent time with it at all, as he fends off everything that he believes will lead him into unknown territory!

I just wanted to prove with this that we were given practical recommendations as well that we can put into practice.

Marika Balogh

I received many confirmations and renewed support showing that I’m on the right path, as well as explanations to many things that shed a different light on certain things in my life. It was a reassuring feeling to understand what are those things in my personality that block me from becoming rich. In the end I realized that actually, it would be a burden for me. There is no aching feeling of lack anymore, although I never really had it. However, it can help many people to understand and accept their present status and start to change things or themselves. Erika, I only (recently?) got to know you but I find the life-affirmation flowing from you awe-inspiring. You simply shine. I liked how you explained why the “money magnet” doesn’t work well also for the left hemisphere. Having understood where the roots lie, it’ll be easier to persuade it to cooperate actively so it’ll not remain the fancy of the right hemisphere. I would like emphasize our time travel. I’ve experienced before that the brain doesn’t make a difference (mine certainly doesn’t) if I remember something in the past (e.g. vacation) that has really happened, or if I imagine a situation that I’ve only watched on television, e.g. flying over Victoria waterfall. I can easily see things with the eyes of someone who is sitting in that helicopter. I feel and I see the pictures as if remembering a past vacation. It was the same situation again.

Zsuzsa Novák

I liked the “Stargate” very much, we really believed it and everyone let go their fantasies with what manifested. That was the best part.

The meditation at the beginning was also very good, many things surfaced right away and talking to money at the end was very interesting too.

Thank you for the fantastic training, it was a very well structured, enjoyable training, it helped me a lot to achieve my goals and I met good people, with whom it was easy to work on our goals.

Ágnes Zainkó

Although the money training was last year, the memories are vivid in me. I am very grateful that I met you as you’ve helped me to move further on the path I’ve taken and reassured me that what I do is good. Since then good things happen not just with me but the lives of others around me have changed too, almost unawares. Only I notice this, and they notice when sometimes we stop and take account of things that have happened recently. I put into practice what I’ve learnt at the training and creating abundance has begun, though to be honest, I wasn’t dissatisfied before. Your exhortation to live in the Now simply works wonders. I remember it many times and most of my worries evaporate.

My mother accompanied me to the money training and diligently practices the exercises, writes her sentences and keeps her journal ever since. This is fantastic because she had a different attitude before and has never done anything like this. She didn’t participate in training before so she found herself in a new world that she liked very much. Since then she talks happily about it. Her way of thinking has begun to change and her old pessimism seems to wane. This is a huge step forward and I am grateful for it.


Erika Badenszki and her Mother                                                                                           

The money training was very, very good. I’ve received a lot and using what I’ve learnt there I have already had successful manifestations. That is why I am certain that everything that I had planned there is going to succeed. Thank you very much!!!!!
 Erika Tóth

The way you presented was fantastic as always! :-) … I was curious whether for the second time (I’ve come for a retake) am I going to notice the repetition; that I already know this, but interestingly, I didn’t. Obviously, there were things that I’ve already heard with my ears, but the feelings were not in place yet. So that is why I am certain that it did me good and I needed the retake.

I was also pleased that we received absolutely concrete, usable practices as I believe that everybody has a bellyful of advice but only a few know how to actually do something and even fewer can talk about it. Some people who do something well can’t tell how do they do it. I’ve noticed that they instinctively know or do something. What I don’t like about most spiritual books is that as long as you are reading them it is fine; it can even be pleasant and interesting but when you put them down, life just goes on as before and nothing changes. This is why I think your courses are fantastic for those who want to change receive the tools they can use.

Thank you for being there!!

A. V.

Even after this much time I can tell that I’ve experienced positive changes in myself. I felt very good at the training! The word positive keeps popping into my mind as I am writing. J I I’m more at ease. I liked the structure of the training as well as the atmosphere. The things we heard were not trivia; instead we got very useful advice and thinking patterns that make life easier. J. I didn’t expect it and I was very pleased that I’ve received help to formulate desires. This used to be a blind spot for me, like for most people. I’ve heard it before how important is it to set goals, to formulate desires, but it is not simple. It is typical of me that I just float and that have its drawbacks. I’ve experienced the biggest help in this. That is why this training was for me the most valuable. Thank you very much for this! This was one of the most important elements among many others that can help in self-realization and experiencing life in a deeper way.

Zsuzsanna H.

Since I’ve participated in this training in 2009 I was curious to see what, how and how much had change since then and what is it going to deliver this time, what can I learn.

It does no harm to refresh anything that we have learnt in theory from time to time. The initial enthusiasm slackens in practice, and refreshment, reinforcement, new aspects are welcome. One can learn a lot from the situations of other people. This time it was very instructive for me how we uncovered our needs and how we humanized money.

It gives a plentiful tool set for changing our ways. These are tools that can be used in practice, in our daily life. We had a relaxed atmosphere and you managed the exceedingly heterogeneous group very well, and they could cooperate with each other well too. Your personality makes the processing, understanding the course material and cooperating with each other easier for everybody. Congratulations!!!!!

B. R.

I’ve heard and learnt many useful things and it was much more diversified and complex than I expected.

Alma P.

I enjoyed every minute of the training very much. On my way home I was walking in the clouds. The effect was fantastic. The level of my elevation is reaching higher and higher. Since I got to know Erika, the level of my consciousness is continuously rising and expanding. What fills me with happiness is that I can recall this feeling of elevation more and more and I can experience it too. There are places and situation that pull me back but I can feel the strength in me to overcome these negative energies.

Thank you, many kisses and hugs for everything! I wish you very good health, strength and abundance on every level.

Judit Hajnal

I liked the training; most of all I liked that the approach was practical and easy to use. The method that we learnt to transform our self-limiting thoughts (Questioning) was very useful too. This method is much more efficient - since we really have to be present -, than the time and again repeated ‘think positively’ method.

H. P.

Everything was as I expected, actually, the trainer delivered even more! Every minute of the training was exciting, the theoretic parts as well as the practices fully engaged my attention, and time flew by so that I didn’t even notice. I could give 5 stars for the training: how well it was managed, it flowed smoothly and the atmosphere was very nice and friendly without any constraints. The techniques that were introduced are very useful; actually, I’ve realized what the things that I didn’t apply properly before are.

I believe that I owe a lot to reading Erika’s blog (Soul-elevator), since it proved to be a good foundation that I could build on. Furthermore I’ve managed to see how those things I’ve heard and read are part of a system and I wondered at a couple of very simple things how they can really work as I never thought before.

We received a lot of information and practices that everyone has to digest themselves and put to practice in making money but I am sure that if we believe it and live everyday by what we learnt then it will work!

I liked very much the personality of the trainer who is just as charming, nice and kind as in everyday life and at the same time oozes unbelievable wisdom, love and understanding. At one time during the training I felt fulfilled with gratefulness that I know her personally here and now and I can only give thanks that I got to participate at the training just when I needed it most.

Because of the trainer the whole atmosphere was very pleasant for me; we could all answer the questions honestly and share our thoughts even if we were surprised how differently we think.

I liked the way the training was built up, how theoretical and practical parts fitted together, so we were never bored. Personally, I was very happy about starting with a meditation since it helped me to completely tune in to the whole training. I am going to recommend it to everyone who needs it and I’d like to participate at all of Erika’s trainings.

It seems that the positive effect could be experienced on the day of the training already since a sum has arrived in my account while we were still learning. Usually, I have to beg for that money and now it was transferred without requesting it. Thank you!

Angelika Árvay


I still don’t know how to write about this training. I have received a lot of things from you regarding this topic and others too.

I use the “BUT” sentences in everything that I have problem with or I have a belief (or I believe in??). It is such a relieving feeling after I’ve solved a problem, it is paradise itself!! It’s unbelievable!

I’ve become more aware after the training and understood better those things that I thought I knew. It is a shocking and astonishing experience!

Things speed up with me when I mature for them after a clearing. This was the case again here.

I had to realize – how do I put this so it won’t be confusing – that I have much clearer thoughts, plans, but I wasn’t aware that this is good since I never had such a reassuring teacher as you are. I’ve come to self-awareness on a different level. Something like this?! I can’t describe it better.

I have learnt a lot not only about money but other things at the money training. It meant more to me!

Innen nem hiányzik a név? Szerintem másvalaki írta, mint a következőt.

We are doing well with money, my salary has reached a record high, and it was not as high as this before. I’ve done the “BUT” sentences, in some case I use them more times in front of a mirror if I can or on my way to work.

Other than that I felt very good because it is always good with you! Everything was perfect as always, Erika.

Many kisses!

I look forward to learning from you again!

Have a nice day!

Dia Duzmath :))

I felt very good, I heard about many new approaches to the subject. I can see clearer my own relation with money, abundance and situations in my environment. Since the training I changed a lot due to the many new information that I heard, that I can detect my feelings better and I can define things easier. I found the training and the discussions very useful. I can go shopping much more relaxed and always spend in a way that fills me with good feelings. Since I changed my “viewpoint” somehow I always have money for the things that are necessary, it always turns out in a way that there is enough for what I need. I haven’t got feelings that I can’t afford something, I haven’t got a bad feeling when I pay for something because I know that by the time I’m going to need it, the necessary amount will be available for me. And so it is ☺. The meditations, the Stargate and other games, and drawing exercises were very good. I’ve learnt unbelievably lot about myself doing them.

L. R.

I’ve discovered things in myself that I never thought about before and learnt things that are logically and as a matter of fact are really true.

My attitude with money has changed since the training. It requires concentration but I can see that it really works. It has got results! I am very grateful for the guidance.

It was easy to understand and practical. It highlighted long forgotten or deeply buried issues that I usually don’t think about. My insights made me understand many things. The situation when we talked with Money was very powerful.

I felt very good. I went home recharged and feeling richer after the training. I haven’t felt any lack, I liked it. And last but not least your loving approach, the way you related to the group.

Thank you! N. D.

I think that I handle my finances rather well, but I still had a feeling that something was not quite right, though I didn’t know what the problem was. This was confirmed by the result of the “WELLBEING IQ TEST” too: I got 4 yeses. I expected that I’m going to get “aha” experiences, thoughts, insights... Truly, I would have been satisfied just with one sentence that would initiate new ideas for me. I received much more. :) I got a lot, I felt very good, Thank you! I couldn’t imagine how much it matters how I think about money!

I liked the whole lot :) It was easy going, familiar, expressive, and easy to understand and digest. I am grateful that I could participate in this training! :)

O. H.

I participated in many trainings, but here I really felt that everything is there what I really want. Guidelines, practices, affirmations, now they just need to be put to practice! I liked very much the STARGATE practice!! I felt that I could totally identify with the role and that was a very good feeling!

Edit Sánta

My expectations were met and topped! I liked the practices most. Everything is very good that you’ve included in this training. I’ve learnt a lot and came home with 3 important insights. What I knew about money added up in context and in total for me and I’ve learnt more to it. It was a great experience for me as I could be with people without feeling a “weirdo”. At the end of the training I felt that I got friends and 12 of them right away!

I liked very much the subject, the practices, the theory, your advice, your knowledge that you try to share with us and your LOVE that you gave us.

Klára Sipos

I recognized the weakest piece of the chain not only regarding money but I recognized (I believe) my basic “wrong” starting point in my life, where all my belief systems come from. As other layers of beliefs were added to the basic one that I needed to sort out, it was rather hard to create anything positive and mostly thinking positively about myself.

It was a very big insight and rather shocking! My thinking about life became lighter and I see the Whole in a different way as in experiencing it as well.

I feel that I became capable of stabilizing my positive life image since the attached energy (positive) became stable too.

I easily manage the small noises that sometimes come up from the back with forehand-backhand strokes! So they are more and more faint, barely showing up. And only 2 days have passed!!!!!)))

I’d recommend that everyone living here in a human skin should go to you now! Really! To you I wish that you teach many of these trainings! I’ve already told many of my acquaintances!))

This course was like medicine! Obviously, in a good way!))

The atmosphere was very good! The personality of the trainer was easy-going and wise, simply fascinating! Her personality and she herself is exemplary, genuine and loving.

Well-structured training. It was informal and easy to understand, I recommend it to everyone!

One could gain the most insights from the group activities. It was very good to play and it highlighted the main point, how could we understand something easier and lighter than this?

K. A.

I liked very much talking with Money. It was a very effective practice.

The Stargate practice was super. (On the way home we agreed that we are going to do more of these ourselves.)

What had an even stronger effect on me than the previous two was the “I became a millionaire” meditation

V. K. 


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