I am independent

1.2 - I am independent

Topic: Issues with dependency/independency.

Who/what do you depend on?
Some misunderstand the concept of being independent and are therefore afraid of it, thinking it is about being lonely or selfish, not listening to others, not being loved or perhaps envied for having freedom. On the contrary, being independent means, you don’t depend on others’ opinions/acts or emotional status. You live your life as your intuition guides you and you don’t take on what is not yours; nevertheless, you still have good relationships, love, respect and freedom.

Why do I always act so independently? Why does being independent feel OK to me? Why is it so easy for me to choose what I really want? Why am I free of others’ emotions?

This card helps transform your original childhood programming of dependency on others and strengthens your inner self towards independence and being able to rely on and trust yourself. It also helps your inner child grow on an emotional level.

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